Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review of The Batman Complex

It's no surprise to any of you people seeing this that I love Comic Books. DC and Marvel mostly, but I still love things like The Walking Dead, Wolfman, and some of the manga selections from Dark Horse. One thing that is however killing my strong comic book fandom buzz; Batman. It's been years since we had a Batman free span of time, and mostly that's because ever since Christopher Nolan got a hold of the series, the big corporations have realized how easy it is to make money off of him. We're living in an age where psychosis and major disorders are looked into more carefully, and we are actually paying attention to the psychology of even the worst characters, and mostly just so that you can see it from their side. Who better to take advantage of this new craze than a character who's been building up a rogues list of crazies for 50 years now.

But I'm sick of it. Yes, Batman is very interesting, but it's getting to the point where I've had enough of him, mostly because every single person I meet who has a conversation with me about Batman, has decided to themselves long before that Batman is invincible simply because he's Batman. Batman is always prepared for any situation. He's trained himself to be the greatest fighter, detective and whatever else. Yeah, we get that, but most of that is because DC comics had to make it so that Batman was a logical inclusion in the Mega-Club of the Justice League. This is a place where most of the people could outshine Batman in pretty much everything. But that's Batman, he's supposed to be human, just with more toys. He's only awesome because he did learn for himself everything he thought he needed to be a great crime fighter and has been able to come out on top for a long time.

This does not mean Batman is infallible. He's still been beaten within an inch of his life. He's had his spine broken, and what's worse his mind. Batman is not stable, he's almost just as crazy as the people that he locks up. What I'm saying is that Batman is still human, and while I do love to see him kick ass, it's REALLY getting old, and the next time I see him put Darkseid in a ultimatum, I think I might have to stop reading comic books for awhile.

So long, and have a happy lobotomy,
-Eliot Wolf

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